Outmoded but not quite forgotten

I never buy nineteenth century engravings. Don’t even like them much. Especially those dark, dreary, ponderous reproductions of high Victorian narrative/historical/romantic paintings. My tastes in wall art are more modern, more colourful, more abstract. You see these things all the time in low-end auctions. No-one collects them. More often than not they are left unsold, … More Outmoded but not quite forgotten

What the devil is it?

Sometimes you come by an object which is so inexplicable and so far outside your experience that you wonder if it has travelled through time and fetched up at your local saleroom by supernatural means. Here’s one such, which I bought a couple of years ago because I can’t stop myself buying unidentified woodcarvings. I’ll … More What the devil is it?


I’ve written a new piece about this coffee table, which is a rather more interesting object than you might think at first sight. But if you want to read the piece, you can’t read it here. The Random Treasure Blog is making its very first guest appearance away from home. The new piece is called … More Utility


Since I am writing this blog piece in the week before Christmas, I’ve picked a seasonal object from my small collection of early woodcarvings. It’s a panel carved in relief with a nativity scene. The central figure is the Virgin Mary, with halo, kneeling serenely beside the baby Jesus (also with halo), who, frankly, doesn’t … More Nativity


One morning last week, I passed two-and-a-half cold, damp, miserable hours cleaning my slabbed front garden path with a pressure washer borrowed from my friend Ron, stripping off a 20-year accumulation of dirt, moss and algae. A task which: is the kind of thing which as soon as you start it you wish you hadn’t; … More Challenge


If I had an unlimited budget and a choice from of all the art and antique objects in the world, my fantasy collection would probably contain a disproportionately large number of Chinese monochrome ceramics. Anyone who has read my book Random Treasure is already aware that I have in the past owned two spectacular pieces … More Flambé


You might have read in my last blog post that the 1617 Andro Hart Psalm Book which was formerly my favourite possession, has been unceremoniously bumped from pole position in my list of absolute all-time top faves, and replaced by a much more recent volume with infinitely less claim on the attention of scholars. This … More Conservation