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Random Treasure is a part-time amateur collector’s true account of a remarkable run of success in finding unidentified antiques and selling them on, turning  an outlay of £1,500 into more than £250,000 in auction proceeds in just a few years.  These are enthralling stories about exceptional objects, one of them a mediaeval statue which experts believed had been destroyed more than two hundred years ago. The book also explains how objects
rise and fall in value and how auctions really work, because it’s not like what you see in the daytime TV shows.  And it investigates what special qualities collectors need to make their own spectacular finds. Does it require the expertise of the connoisseur or the magical powers of the alchemist, or can anyone do it with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work? And once we collectors have been bitten by the bug, how can we prevent our innocent hobby from slipping into all-consuming obsession and compulsion?