A gallery of images included in Random Treasure.

If you wish to know why and how a group of such disparate and random images and their stories have been brought together in a single volume, you can find out if you buy the book.

A_Virgin of Flavigny
The Mourning Virgin, attributed to Claus de Werve, in theparish church of Saint Genest, Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, Cote d’Or, France. Image used with permission of PIASA and Laurence Fligny.
1_Bracket shelf
Oak bracket shelf containing a carved relief face from a mediaeval corbel or misericord, manufactured by MacGregor of Edinburgh as the support for The Saint
2_Bernard Leach Bowl
A stoneware bowl made by Bernard Leach in the early days of the St Ives Pottery
3_RAS at Leach Pottery July 2009
Roger Stewart occupying the favourite seat of Bernard Leach, St Ives Pottery, July 2009
4_The Jug
Bernard Leach and Michael Cardew: stoneware pitcher, 1926 – The Jug . Image used with permission of Bonham’s
B_Andro Hart 1610 Bible
New Testament title page, Andro Hart’s Geneva Bible, Edinburgh, 1610
C_Rembrandt Etching
One of four small etchings of head studies or tronies, maybe by Rembrandt, maybe not
D_Aghkand bowl
An earthenware sgraffiato-decorated bowl, maybe mediaeval Port St Symeon or Aghkand ware, maybe not
E_Honesty Brooch
Glasgow style pewter brooch modelled on the Honesty Mirror, maybe by Frances Macdonald McNair, maybe not
F_Honesty mirror
The Honesty Mirror, definitely by Frances Macdonald McNair, in the Kelvingrove Museum and Gallery, Glasgow
The front of The Jug showing the Latin inscription
Device with Bernard Leach’s monogram and 1926 date below the handle of The Jug
Golden Egg Restaurant
The interior of the Golden Egg Restaurant, Charing Cross Road, London, in October 1963. Image supplied by Evening Standard / Hulton Archive / Getty Images
L_Bear and Staff
The Bear and Staff pub in Charing Cross Road, London. Photograph by Robert Freidus reproduced from The Victorian Web at
M_Queens Head
The Queen’s Head, Water Oakley, near Windsor
6_Clarice Cliff plate
Octagonal plate by Clarice Cliff in the Appliqué Lucerne pattern, colour Orange
7_A H G Lamp
The Ashworth-Hepplewhite-Gray miner’s safety lamp
9_The Saint 2
Saint John the Evangelist by Claus de Werve – The Saint. Image used with permission of PIASA and Laurence Fligny
8_The Saint rear view
Saint John rear view. Image used with permission of PIASA and Laurence Fligny
Galle Vase
A Gallé vase. Image used courtesy of The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg. Photograph © The State Hermitage Museum. Photo by Yuri Molodkovets
11_Riemenschneider Virgin
A limewood statue of the Virgin by Tilman Riemenschneider, around 1490, in the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, Munich. Photograph from by Rufus46 – Own work, used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License
An alabaster mourner carved by Jean de la Huerta and Antoine le Moiturier for the tomb of Duke John the Fearless. Image by Shonagon from,_tombeau_de_Jean_sans_Peur,_60.JPG reproduced under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication
O_1679 crown obv
Silver Charles II crown coin of 1679. Obverse
P_1679 crown rev
Silver Charles II crown coin of 1679. Reverse
Q_Theuley apostle
Walnut wood sculpture of an Apostle from the Theuley altarpiece. Image used with permission of PIASA and Laurence Fligny
12_Saint and Virgin reunited
The Saint and the Mourning Virgin, photographed together on the occasion of their brief reunion in the church at Flavigny, February 2013. Image used with permission of Laurence Fligny
Harlem's hoarders Collyer Brothers
A New York City policeman sifts through the junk in the Collyer mansion after the brothers’ deaths in 1947. Image supplied by New York Daily News / New York Daily News Collection / Getty Images
14_Penny Red Stamp
An imperforated Penny Red stamp posted on 16 September 1845
An 1859 cartoon by Honoré Daumier showing the auction crieur Père Jean in action. Open access image reproduced from
16_Daumier Salle des Ventes
Another 1859 cartoon by Honoré Daumier showing an auction crieur working the crowd. Source: – Contumax GmbH & Co. KG. Image reproduced from
17_Big Red Vase
Chinese porcelain Langyao vase, Qing Dynasty – The Big Red Vase
18_Not the Jug
Stoneware jug by Raymond Finch, Winchcombe Pottery – Not-The-Jug
19_RTH Smith
Lambent, oil on board, by R T H Smith, 1972
20_Wally Bird
A typical Wally Bird lidded stoneware jar by the Martin Brothers. Photograph used with permission © Victoria and Albert Museum, London
V_Andro Hart Psalm Book
The title page of the Andro Hart Psalter, Edinburgh 1617
W_Bay Psalm Book title page
The title page of the Bay Psalm Book, Boston 1640. Image in public domain sourced from Note that this image is not from the copy sold at Sotheby’s New York in November 2013.
Split-pod-form stoneware vase by Alan Wallwork
22_Chicken Cup
The Doucai Chicken Cup sold by Sotheby’s in April 2014 for $36 million. Photograph used with permission of Sotheby’s
X_Chicago Theatre Handbill
The playbill for Mrs Warner’s perfomance in The Winter’s Tale at Rice’s Theatre Chicago on Wednesday 19 May 1852
23_Kutchinsky egg
The diamond-encrusted golden egg made by in 1990 by the jeweller Paul Kutchinsky for the Argyle Diamond Mining Company of Australia. Copyright © 2016 Rio Tinto
24_Phil Rogers Guinomis
Installation of 80 stoneware guinomis by Phil Rogers.
25_Satsuma vase
Satsuma Vase
26_Yaozhou Peony Bowl
Yaozhou Peony Bowl. Photograph used with permission of Sotheby’s