A few weeks ago, two Italian maiolica salts appeared in my local auction room. You know what’s coming. Yes, of course I had to buy them. … More Salt

The Colour Orange

If I ask you what’s your favourite colour, it is very unlikely that your answer will be orange. In the UK and USA, only 3% of people choose orange. In other countries it’s about 6%, but orange invariably comes in way behind the world’s favourite colours of blue, red, green and, yes, purple[1]. If you … More The Colour Orange

Testing Toast Water

In my last blog piece about my Toast Water Jug, I quoted Mrs Beeton’s 1869 recipe for Toast-and-Water. Many readers responded: “so have you tried it?”.  To be honest, I hadn’t. But I have tried it now. I decided to test it out. Under laboratory conditions, of course. This piece is my Toast Water Test … More Testing Toast Water

Toast Water

Here’s a picture of a shelf in my house. Take a close look. Does anything look strange? Does anything look anomalous? Here’s another picture of another shelf. See what I mean? Yes, there’s an odd pot out. I have many more shelves like these. Some in the house, several in the shed, and I’m not … More Toast Water