Hoarding Alert!

I don’t usually do much introspection. Frankly, my innermost thoughts and feelings aren’t all that interesting. But suddenly I feel the need to unburden myself. I’m worried. My problem: a developing habit of buying up auction job lots. It’s getting worse. Am I morphing from collector into hoarder? Help! Hoarding alert! … More Hoarding Alert!


I have recently added three pieces of slipware to my collection. You might ask: what’s slipware? What awful old broken chipped cracked pots is he gonna show us now? Why should we be interested? Well, I think some slipware pots are fascinating and beautiful objects, and I’m hoping you will think so too. … More Slipware

Natural Habitat: Part 1

I’ve been out of my natural habitat, on safari in South Africa. Picture me, elderly, urban, bookish, hurtling through the bush in an open-topped truck, in pursuit of miscellaneous wildlife. Could anything be more incongruous? And yet, I enjoyed – no, adored – every moment. And oddly, curiously, I felt quite at home. I wonder why? … More Natural Habitat: Part 1

Bluidy Mackenzie

Here’s a Hallowe’en tale to make your blood run cold and your hair stand on end. Turn down the lights, ignite the candle inside the pumpkin, and brace yourselves to hear about a creepy graveyard, a Black Mausoleum, a vile atrocity from Scotland’s history, an evil poltergeist, and six spooky, spectral, spine-chilling coincidences. … More Bluidy Mackenzie