UPDATE, 30th September 2019
Thanks to your votes and the excellent taste of the judges, the  Random Treasure Blog has passed the nomination stage for the 2019 Amara Interior Blog Awards in the Best Written Blog category.
Random Treasure is SHORTLISTED. Whoopee!
The Winner will be announced on 14 November 2019.  Watch this space…


UPDATE, 15th September 2019
Public voting for the 2019 Amara Interior Blog Awards is now closed. If you voted for the Random Treasure Blog, I’m most grateful to you. I will let readers know the result as soon as it’s announced. Just don’t hold your breath until then. I’m not holding mine…


A Letter from the Blogger . . .

Dear Blog Readers

My Random Treasure Blog has been visited by more than 3,000 of you. Thank you for coming. I hope that at least some will have found something worth reading, whether for amusement, for interest, for education, or just to pass the time in a congenial kind of way.

This new blog post is different from everything that’s gone before. Just for once, it isn’t about pottery, or about poetry, or drowned cats or dead dogs, or lounge lizards or rugs or books or woodcarvings or pictures .

No, none of the above. Instead, it’s a request. Or, if you can tolerate slightly heightened language, it’s an appeal. I’m seeking your votes.

You see, The Random Treasure Blog has been nominated for an award, and between you and me, I’d quite like to win it. The award is in the Best Written Blog category of the 2019 Amara Interior Blog Awards

I’ve taken a look at some of the other nominees against which my blog is competing, and, frankly, Random Treasure is undoubtedly an Underdog. It is the only blog about antiques and miscellaneous second-hand stuff. It doesn’t feature mindfulness, or wellness, or hygge.

20180120_090122If you take notice of my blog and choose the Random Treasure look to adorn your home, then what you get isn’t Homes & Gardens. You don’t get style co-ordination and a curated colour palette. You don’t get a lifestyle. What you do get probably involves clutter, untidiness and dust. But you also get a home full of lovely if somewhat bizarre objects, enhanced by the endless fascination of their remarkable back-stories.

Still worse, my blog has further disadvantages. It doesn’t take sponsorship from brands or promote products and services, it is entirely non-commercial, and it’s written and published by an amateur with no training in design or information technology. Moreover, its writer and likely target audience are several decades older than those of the other nominee blogs.

And yet, in spite of everything, I would still like to win the Award, and – who knows? – with your help, blog readers, maybe I just can win.  Stranger things have happened. In recent years, other unlikely old geezers have become winners against the odds. Think Trump. Think Corbyn. No, on second thoughts, please don’t think about them at all. Bad comparisons.

IBAs-Voting-Banner-2019-002-1Moving rapidly on, it’s time for me to explain why I need your help. The Award is to be won through a combination of voting by a panel of expert judges and voting by the public, so even if Random Treasure gets the top vote from the judges, I can only be the winner if I get a sufficient number of public votes from you, my readers.

To encourage blog readers to vote, the nice Amara people are entering every voter into a prize draw for the prize of a Leica Sofort instant camera. I looked it up and can confirm that it’s a prize well worth having.

So – I’ve set out my stall and now it’s up to you. To vote, all you need to do is click on this link or on the badge above, and follow the voting instructions. I’ll be very grateful for all of your votes, and if you feel like sharing this appeal with your friends, relations, followers and contacts, I’ll be more grateful still.

I guess I should come up with a catchy election slogan. OK, here goes: Take back control of your style – Vote Random Treasure!

With thanks and all good wishes.

Yours sincerely

The Random Treasure Blogger

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